As you step through the wrought iron gates of Bendigo’s historic Chancery Lane, the outside world fades away and time seems to slow down. Conversation murmurs between the Gold Rush brick walls and as you reach The Dispensary, the voice in your head says: stay awhile.

At The Dispensary we cater to those who, like us, share a love of quality food and drinks. We take pride in showcasing the produce of our region. Whether it’s a degustation menu or simply cocktails after a show, we deliver a range of unique experiences, each with a story to match. The Dispensary team is passionate about the makers, skills and context of the wines, beers, and spirits we choose to serve.

At The Dispensary, we pride ourselves on sending our guests home with a full belly, a smile on their dial and a story to tell about a great night out.

Stay awhile.