Friday Night Drinks: Digital Beers


Have you been missing us like we’ve been missing you? Craving a wine at the Dispensary backed
by the sultry vocals of Finno? An Oprah Tinfry thrown by Sam with gay abandon? Well we’re here
to salve the wound inflicted on us by these tough times. Introducing FRIDAY NIGHT DRINKS:
DIGITAL EDITION. The plan is we’re going to put together a selected six pack of craft beers from
the Dispensary’s range or select you a pair of awesome wines (1 red, 1 white) and deliver them to
you door. We will send you a link to a Zoom party on the coming Friday
night at 5.30 so you can have a knock off or two with us!
*Orders must be placed by Thursday at 5pm for delivery on Friday
*Local Deliveries only – FREE DELIVERY

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